Dr. Bunny Vreeland is a former professional model and was one of the top Image Consultants in the nation for the largest Color and Image company at the time. Her expertise in the color & image field was the inspiration for her newest best-selling book “How To Be A Woman – 15 Easy Steps To Presenting Your Best Image”.

As a color & image consultant, she found that her clients would be happy with the results, and then they would ask her, “Now I know how to put my look together, but how can I lose this extra 25 pounds”. Or “How can gain the self-confidence to speak in front of a large group?”. Bunny went searching for the answers.

So, for the past 20+ years, Dr. Bunny has been a Board Certified, Clinical Hypnotherapist. She specializes in helping her clients overcome old, unhealthy habits and phobias, and helps them to make positive life changes. In addition, she’s a certified Bariatric Hypnotherapist and certified Hypnotic Anesthesiologist.

Interestingly, Dr. Bunny was a 16-year old high school drop-out who went back to school and received her Ph.D. at age 60. Because of this, she is especially interested in helping teens stay in school.

She is a graduate of the Neuro Concepts Institute in Laguna Hills, CA, and she earned her Ph.D. from Huntington Pacific University in 2007.

In January 2011, she founded the Vreeland College of the Healing Arts in Camarillo, California, and continues her private Clinical Hypnotherapy practice at her peaceful office, located within the college.

Dr. Bunny has been a featured guest on many TV and radio shows and a keynote speaker for countless corporations, organizations and service clubs. Her articles on image, stress, self-esteem, and hypnotherapy have appeared in numerous publications. She had a successful two year run as the host of “The Dr. Bunny Show… Here’s the Thing” on KKZZ AM 1400 in Ventura, California.

Currently, she has her own internet radio station, Mercury Broadcasting.net, where she hosts the Ask Dr. Bunny Show, and interviews interesting people on a variety of subjects. Would you like to be one of her featured guests?