In much the same way that women are physically veiled in parts of Middle East, the stories we hear from the region are often shrouded in mystery. And for those who have never travelled that far, it is hard to imagine the reality of the Persian or Arab cultures.

Sarah Darabi of Santa Clarita grew up in Pakistan and spent her young adulthood in Iran, so she has a firsthand account of the lifestyles and political event there. To the enrichment of readers everywhere, even other parts of the world, she recently shared her story in a new book entitled “Uncovered.”

Sarah Darabi is a successful real estate broker in Santa Clarita, California. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, she was the eldest of eight siblings born into a religious Muslim family. She obtained a college degree in Pakistan, after which she spent 5 years in Iran, where she worked in the Swiss Embassy until 1981 when she immigrated to the United States and became an American citizen.

The romance of the world she left seems evident from the first words of Darabi’s book, “Far away – very far away, lies a beautiful land surrounded by oceans and mountains.” Those words are the first of many unexpected turns by the author. The reader soon discovers Darabi is actually describing the United States.

“Uncovered” is not the sugar-coated account of her childhood from the region where all religions – even human civilization – got their start, but an honest description of her personal horrors there, as a female and as an educated professional.

It was a 25-year dream for Darabi to complete the autobiographical book, which was printed and released worldwide last year. Like she is in other areas of her life, the Santa Clarita real estate broker was persistent and managed to overcome obstacles, eventually finding the right avenue for publishing.

“The reason for writing the book is to inspire people”, she says. “I led a fascinating life full of hurdles and challenges, but believing in myself and the little voice in my heart helped me conquer all.”