For almost 100 years, Soroptimist has worked to create a better world for women and girls. Diversity and Fellowship is one of the core values that drives our work, and we model it in our membership, the women and girls we service, and our hiring practices. It pains us the see racial injustice and violence of any kind. While we are living through confusing times right now, where consensus is often hard to find, we remain committed to working for a more just and equal world. We urge introspection and collaboration on ways we can work together to fix systems that do not serve all of us equally. We know that many of the women and girls we serve face inequality because of their race or ethnicity, as well as their gender. We will continue to do our part and contribute positively to our communities, nations and the world by helping women and girls to reach their full potential by getting the education they need to achieve economic empowerment.

Right now, we urge calm, empathy and kindness. In the words of Abraham Lincoln, “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

Soroptimist International of the Americas –

The name Soroptimist means “best for women”. Soroptimist are women at their best, working to help other women to be their best.

Soroptimist is a global women’s organization whose members volunteer to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment. Approximately 76,000 Soroptimists in over 120 countries and territories support both community-based and global projects benefiting women and girls. Our two signature programs are Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women, and Dream It, Be It.

Soroptimist International of Oxnard is a dynamic group of women who work together for the greater good of our local Oxnard community as well as support the region, federation and international Soroptimist levels.

Through the Live Your Dream program, we assist local women who meet the program criteria as the head of their household and are continuing their education. We celebrate their success each Spring with a dinner in their honor, commendations and a cash award. Our hope and plan is that they come closer to their goals through the benefit they receive from the Live Your Dream program. Soroptimist has helped more than 30,000 women reach their goals and, to date, we have given more than $3 million, nationally. Awardees at the local level will proceed to the region and federation competition.

Our newest program helps girls grow to be confident, successful and happy adults.  Dream It, Be It reaches girls in secondary school who face obstacles to their future success. Through small group workshops as well as a conference setting, we mentor girls on setting and achieving their goals, moving forward after setbacks or failures, and discovering career opportunities. Currently, in the Dream It, Be It program, we strive to grow the number of local 9th grade girls we reach to provide them with effective tools to tackle the barriers in their life.  This year we will be adding an additional component designed for those who attended as 9th graders and now are returning later in their high school careers for additional strategic building blocks.

Our local Signature Fundraising Event is called, “Bras for a Cause”.  Through the auction of wildly decorated Mannequin Bras, Opportunity Raffle Baskets and a Silent Auction, money is raised to help fund our project, Comfort Kits, described below, and our Signature Service project, Live Your Dream, empowering women and girls who face obstacles transform their lives and live their dreams!

We have an annual Bingo, Girls Night Out event and we traditionally participate in the Oxnard Christmas Parade, STOP Trafficking, and local festivals such as the Strawberry and Salsa events and much more. 

COVID 19 has forced us to address our in-person events and put them on hiatus until such time as the gathering-in-groups restrictions are removed.  We look forward to learning to Zoom and developing ways to implement video fund raising events.

Fortunately, our Comfort Kit project is able to continue! Their assembly can be accomplished with fewer than 6 people present. The Kits offer a well-researched oversized satchel of essential and comfort items plus a custom designed T-shirt for the woman who has just come home from mastectomy surgery.  We distribute the Kits through the local Cancer Center in Oxnard.

We are amazing women who radiate excitement, step up to commitment and step into service.  Our accomplishments and our dedication to the Soroptimist International mission is what draws women to become a part of this organization.

If you want to join like-minded women working together to make a difference in our community and globally or would like more information regarding membership in our club, please contact us directly or at


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