Comfort Kits: A Great Volunteer Opportunity in Oxnard, CA

Soroptimist International of Oxnard is proud to offer our Comfort Kits program. The Kits are well-researched, oversized satchels of essential and comfort items, plus a custom-designed T-shirt for the woman who has just come home from mastectomy surgery. We distribute the Kits through the local Cancer Center in Oxnard.

Fortunately, our Comfort Kit project is able to continue during COVID-19 since fewer than 6 people together at a time can complete their assembly. Contact us if you’d like to get involved in this volunteer opportunity in Oxnard, CA. Our organization for women and girls welcomes your support, and to date, we have distributed 426 since the project was adopted.

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Comfort Kits Imagery
Comfort Kits Imagery 2